In Memoriam
USCG Auxiliarist Julian Romero

USCG Mobile App

This mobile application was provided by Basta YaPR, Inc. to the United States Coast Guard as a gift in memoriam of
USCG Auxiliarist Julian Romero.


United States Coast Guard

Coast Guard San Juan Base

Photo of Plaque placed by Coast Guard Sector San Juan Wardroom at the Gazebo in the San Juan base.

Tiara 3500 donated to the Coast Guard

It currently is a Coast Guard Auxiliary facility undertaking missions under orders in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea coastal waters around Puerto Rico.

Coxswain Julian Romero

USCG Auxiliarist (1991-2011) District 7, Flotilla 1-10

Dedicated to

USCG Auxiliarist Julian Romero


¡Basta YaPR! Foundation

  • 2009-2011

    A mission born from a tragedy.

    BastaYaPR, Inc. is a non-profit charitable foundation (503(c)1) created by Marie and Luis Romero, the parents of Julian Romero after his death on his 20th birthday. He lived his life true to the highest principles and lost his life during a valiant act of heroism as he came to the defense of his girlfriend that was attacked by an assailant. Since the Coast Guard became his extended family and he loved the sea his parents thought appropriate to make this important donation of a tool to help the boating community and save lives.

  • Developer

    Optivon, Inc.

    This software was developed by Optivon, Inc., a telecommunications and software development company, at no cost to BastaYaPR, Inc. or the United States Coast Guard. A team of developers worked during two years to perfect the mobile application in order to meet the strict Coast Guard specifications.

  • Coast Guard

    As the nation’s Recreational Boating Safety Coordinator, the United States Coast Guard works to minimize loss of life, personal injury, property damage, and environmental harm. The Coast Guard boating safety program involves public education programs, regulation of boat design and construction, approval of boating safety equipment, and vessel safety checks for compliance with federal and state safety requirements. The Coast Guard Mobile App supports these missions by providing the essential services and information most commonly requested by boaters.

  • Coast Guard

    Mobile App

    The official Coast Guard mobile app is now available, you can download it for Android and iOS smartphones.

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